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Nova Commissioning Services Ltd. (Nova) is an Ottawa, Ontario based company which offers a complete range commissioning services and is well know for its excellent service and workmanship. With Commissioning becoming an integral part of the construction process, our company can assist you with the commissioning aspects of your projects.


From the variety of commissioning certifications available, we believe that the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA)'s Certified Commissioning Professional certification is the most stringent. The BCxA's requirements of commissioning experience, client references, technical exam, and continuing education program set it apart from other commissioning certifications 2019, both Nova and the BCxA are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019.


Nova has been a long-time member of the BCxA and the Canada Green Building Council.


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Benefits for

Building Owners

Commissioning benefits the building owners by resolving design and construction issues

Benefits for

Construction Teams

Commissioning benefits the contractors by resolving design and construction issues

Benefits for

Project Managers

Commissioning benefits the Project Managers by employing an Agent as a single point of contact

Benefits for

Building Owners

Commissioning benefits the designer by evaluating engineering design concepts

Nova Commissioning Services Ltd. has an established reputation in the commissioning industry and has worked on a variety of project of all types and sizes. The services that we provide would be of great value to your projects by confirming and establishing a baseline for the operation and performance of your systems.


Nova provides commissioning of systems of all types including: Mechanical, Electrical, Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS), Life Safety, Industrial,  and Movable Systems, as well as commissioning consulting services to Architects and Engineers during the design phase.


From the design review to handover, we have the experience and expertise to see your project through.


More information on some of our completed projects can be found under our Projects page here.


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Nova Commissioning Services Ltd.

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