Who Does Commissioning Benefit ?

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Benefits for the Building Owner

Commissioning benefits the owner by confirming the performance and operation of the building, by a third party which is individual to the construction and design team.  The Commissioning Agent  acts in the owners interests towards building design, operation, performance, maintainability, and completeness.  By ensuring each component of the building is operating at peak performance, the overall operational cost of the building will be minimized.  As well, a baseline of operational performance is established which can be used as a reference for troubleshooting if problems occur.

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Benefits for the Contractor and Construction Team

Commissioning benefits the contractor by resolving design and construction issues during the construction phase where it is much easier to correct.  Otherwise, corrections, after the building is occupied, will have to be done during night or weekend hours.  Commissioning also benefits the contractor by confirming the operation of the equipment or system.  If a problem happens after the verification date, the contractor has documented proof that the system operated and does not get the standard response of “this machine never worked right from the beginning”.  The impact of a Commissioned project will result in less callbacks for the contractor and greater satisfaction by the client which might result in more projects for the contractors.

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Benefits for the Project Manager

The role of commissioning was primarily performed by the project manager.  By employing a Commissioning Agent, a single point contact for the resolution of commissioning issues is achieved.  This reduces the workload of the project manager, allowing more concentration to other issues of the project.

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Benefits for the Engineer and Design Team

Commissioning should be considered an opportunity for the design professional to evaluate the engineering practices and concepts of the design.  Reviewing the data collected during the commissioning process, will result in more refined building designs on future projects and more client satisfaction with the final product.